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Welcome To Elite Smothering! There’s the traditional smothering by pillow, and then there is THIS! Hot Sexy Girls Smothering these big losers with their big tits and big round asses! These submissive sissies get ass-fixiated and dominated. Enjoy all the smothering, humiliation, butt-licking, facesitting, pussy licking action demanded by these angry bitches!
Tory gets her ass licked when its not busy smothering her latest victim

Want to look up the dictionary definition of “demanding”? If you do, you’ll find the picture of this particular very bitchy broad, one Tory by name, whom we see here as she puts her slave, who is leashed and collared, through his paces. Tory gets her ass licked when it’s not busy smothering her latest victim. She is a mean, cruel bitch, and she taunts her leashed and collared slave, demands he lic…

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Face smothering videos

Victoria believes in smother love

Victoria loves to look at her watch as she sits on a slave’s face, the better to time how long he can take being smothered. You see, some people believe in mother love, but Victoria believes in “smother love.” The very generously endowed Victoria (Nature was good to her in the tit department, for sure!) loves to play with her own tits and stroke her mega pussy while smothering her slaves at the same ti…

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Tori looks fetching in a corset but shes dangerous to be beneath

Jiggling around in her corset, as she sits atop her victim’s face, Tori gives a whole new depth of meaning to the words “smother.” Tori looks fetching in a corset, but it’s dangerous to be beneath her. At least, it is if you like to breathe … a habit most of us are into. As she wriggles around on her victim’s face while she covers it with her corset-clad body, she makes it even more difficult fo…

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Face smothering clips

Maiya experiments in facesitting both nude and with leather pants on

Whether she is clad in leather or au naturel (and we see her both ways in the course of this video), Maiya has a natural facility for covering her slaves’ faces and making it hard for them to breathe. (It’s tough to get any air when you have a woman seated on top of your face!) Maiya experiments in facesitting both while nude and with leather pants on. Her leather pants cover his face and make it …

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Face sit smothering

Tattooed Olivia shows off her facesitting skills

Olivia is as good at hurling insults at her slave as she is at sitting on his face. This tattooed ball-buster, Olivia, shows off her face sitting skills as she gets the best of the man she’s sitting on, who has no choice but to submit to her. Next, Olivia insults her slave while he eats her ass; thenshe slaps both his cheeks (of his face, that is — not his ass!) and lies on his face. (Ouch!) She b…

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How long can a man hold his breath while Brooke sits on his face

Brooke is a real ball-buster. She insults the guy’s dick size even while she smothers him and he licks her ass. She’s a real trip! But how long can a man hold his breath while a woman sits on his face? Brooke seems to be determined to find out. And that’s not all … while sitting on the dude’s face, she slaps his dick around. But he is a submissive type, and he takes it. She also insults his dick…

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Free smothering videos

Sandra holds a collared slave captive

Sandra’s leashed and collared slave licks her pussy and ass enthusiastically. He does this even when she’s not sitting on his face, which she loves to do, and he loves it too. But he’s so crazy over her pussy and ass that he’ll lick them even when she’s not on top of him. Sandra holds her collared slave captive, but we suspect that he wouldn’t fight her off even if he weren’t under duress. Leashed…

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Smothering face sitting

Jewel demonstrates the classic art of facesitting

Jewel has big enough tits to smother her slave with, which is a definite change of pace for her. You see, most of her smothering is done with her luscious pussy and cushy ass. Here Jewel demonstrated the classic art of facesitting. She times her victim to see how long he can hold his breath. Will he meet her expectations or disappoint her? Or will he pass out trying? She smothers him with her tits…

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